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Buffet Service

Buffet style service is perhaps the most casual type of meal service. The food is arranged on tables where guests move along the buffet line and serve themselves. It is a good choice for a small budget as it is cost-effective because less staff are required. Variety is another advantage of this style as you are able to present a broad range of items giving your guests a number of options. See bellow some of our packages options or Contact us for a quote.


  • ​Buffet (Cassarole) Standard. $39 p/person. Details

  • Feijoada Completa. $35 p/person. Details

  • Buffet (Roasted) Standard. $39 p/person. Details

  • Buffet Deluxe. $55 p/person. Details


  •  Packages includes staff (chefs and waiters). 

  • Minimum order: 30 people. 

  • Platters can also be added on self-service station.

  •  Items in this packages are only suggestions and can be replaced for other of similar price. 

  • Weekends and public holidays surcharge apply. 

  • Sydney area price, travel time is applied for other areas.

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