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1. How can I get a quote?
To get a quote please fill our quote form on:

2. What is the minimum number of people you cater for?
There is no minimum number for guests, however there is minimum value depending on the product and service required. Please contact us for more details or fill our form to get a quote.
3. How far in advance do I need to book?
It is recommended to secure your preferred date as soon as possible and then finalise the details afterwards. It will depend on the size of your event; for events for more than 150 guests, one month’s notice should provide us with enough time to coordinate your event; smaller events can be booked a week before depending on our availability.
4. How do I know there will be enough food?
When we make your quote, we will add food items in the right amount to feed your guest according to the event type and time. Most of the time it will be more than enough, however if your budget is small for the number of guests, we will advise so.
5. Do you cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free?
Yes, we cater for all dietary requirements. We are more than happy to accommodate any special dietary needs your guests may have. Intolerance and allergies will be accommodated for as best possible, however please be aware that other orders that may contain egg, shellfish, nuts, etc, are prepared using the same equipment. Please be advised that whilst all care will be taken, no responsibility will be assumed.
6. Is there a delivery fee?
No, the delivery is included in all packages for the Sydney Area. However, depending on the distance some charges may apply.
7. Do you supply all the plates, cutlery, serving equipment and other utensils?
It is included on the Buffets package the table and all the serving equipment (platters, bowls, tongs). however, we do not supply the plates and cutlery, which can hired on a hiring companies, like ANDRE’S HIRE (
For cocktail parties we provide anything that is related to the service, like: platers, napkins, disposables plates and some utensils.
8. When and how do I pay for my event?
A $500.00 deposit is required upon securing your date and confirming the booking. A Second deposit of 50% of the outstanding value is required two weeks prior to the event  and a final payment due three days prior the event. 
Those payments can be make using your credit card, PayPal or bank deposit. Once you decide to proceed, we send you a link with the invoice and the payment options to pay online.  
9. Are you able to provide staff?
We offer a range of staff including chefs, wait staff, event managers, beverage attendants, baristas and cocktail bartenders. All staff are professionally trained with the relevant qualifications (eg, RSA certified) and are impeccably groomed and dressed in full uniform.
10. What time will the chef and wait staff arrive?
For most of the events types staff will arrive one to two hours before food service begins. However, for Churrasco (Brazilian BBQ) this time can be increase. To make sure you are prepared, we will send you or service schedule prior to the event.   
11. Is it possible to order something that is not on your menu?
For sure. Regardless of being specialized in Brazilian food, we are not limited to it as we count with a range of chefs and suppliers that can deal with any requirements. Just let us know what would you like, and we will put together a menu that suits your needs.
12. Can I modify the menu before the event?
Certainly! You may change your menu or guest numbers up to 5 business days prior to the event. However, a few items may require more time depending on suppliers.
13. The venue I’d like to use does not have a kitchen. Will this be a problem?
No problems at all. We have all of our own equipment which we can bring along with us; eg, convection ovens, deep fryers, chargrills, etc.
14. Do you supply beverages, or I must provide my own?
We have our drinks menu and can include that on your quote. However, if you prefer to provide your own, it is fine for us. Anyway, we can supply staff to serve your drinks if you wish.

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