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Parrilla Service


Share plates (or family style) have become the new trend in catering service, making possible for guests to try several dishes and choose their own portion sizes. Brazuca Catering presents its own version of share plate borrowing the idea of parrilla from our neighbors Argentinians and Uruguayans, who are masters of barbecue.
The meat is served on the table in hot amber grill platters, which gives a nice presentation and helps to keep the meat hot for longer than a normal platter. As well, tables are set with salads, breads and accompaniments. One of the biggest benefits to a shared meal is the collective atmosphere it invites to the event, because it is very family-oriented and also helps guests get to know each other as they often help one another serve the food and chat while doing so.

See bellow some of our packages options or Contact us for a quote.


  • Parrilla Standard - $53 p/person. Details

  • Parrilla Deluxe - $65 p/person. Details



  • Packages includes staff (chefs and waiters). 

  • Minimum order: 30 people. 

  • Canapes can also be added on the table as an entrée.

  • Items in this packages are only suggestions and can be replaced for other of similar price. 

  • Weekends and public holidays surcharge apply. 

  • Sydney area price, travel time is applied for other areas.

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